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Hello! My name is Deanna Scelzo, and I've just finished publishing my first children's book. Teacher Confessions Winter In My "Hood" was published in February 2016. I wrote this book with a target audience of upper elementary kids who were at-risk and below reading level.  My hope was that an edgy story with illustrations as support would make for enjoyable experience for the most reluctant reader.  It is a great book for kids in grades 3th-8th, but the content is appropriate for younger ages, and it is also great teaching tool for teachers. I am currently working on the next book in the Teacher Confessions series.


Midwest Book Review, August 2016

"Teacher Confessions: Winter In My 'Hood'" is the first installment in a teacher confessions series of stories shared by a talented 6th grade math teacher with her multi-cultural, diverse, inner city classroom of students in South Bend, Indiana. To gain trust and establish important connections, the author told her classroom this true story of her childhood experience growing up in a small Michigan farm town before cell phones, the internet, or social media. This factual but entertaining tale explains how Ms. Scelzo and her brother made up an experiment involving following a horse pulling a sled through the snow, with unforeseen adventures and risks of both fun and natural unpredictability. Making the story very funny indeed, the horse, named Jupiter, pulled the loaded sled as directed, but he also deposited a pile of horse manure in the process, making the sled rider experience dangerously dirty indeed! This turned out to be a serendipitous outcome for the author, who had wanted to be the first person to ride on the sled while her brother rode the horse. Naturally her brother insisted on the reverse of this plan, which kind of backfired! The upshot of the whole incident was a warning to beware unforeseen natural outcomes when planning experiments involving live variables! Another outcome was a deposit of a motherlode of humor in the author's life experiences, which she willingly used or mined to help teach her students how to think about mathematics. Charming colorful illustrations accentuate the humor of this fun winter sled ride from so long ago. "Teacher Confessions...." is promised to be a beginning title of a series by the author, which should be much enjoyed and anticipated by middle grade readers.

By Amazon Customer on March 14, 2016
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This book is such a fun, fast read! I am suggesting it for all of my friends who have kids. This is a great story told by a teacher to educate kids on some great life principles. The way she writes and the illustrations make it funny! Looking forward to Deanna Scelzo's next book!
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Review by: Hannah Buss
Indiana, Grade 2
I think Winter In My "Hood" is amazing! My favorite part is when the horse Jupiter pooped on Ms. Scelzo's brother. I laughed a lot while reading this book. I think all kids should read this book.
By MaryK on March 27, 2016
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Brings me back to my younger days living "out in the country". With five brothers & sisters, having little material-wise, all the fun we used to have, and the trouble we would get into. Great memories. Love the illustrations!
on April 7, 2016
Excellent read!!! We enjoyed the stories and can relate how back then my parents were same way and say go outside if we were bored. Loved it.
 By Fancy on April 29, 2016
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What a fun story of childhood shenanigans! A very nice read, and I didn't see that particular ending coming!

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